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The Media Center is also a classroom where students may learn computer skills and research techniques.


Dear Parents,
The library program has some exciting opportunities in store for your child this year:
  • Our curriculum will be promoting the very best of children's literature to your child with activities~designed to help student's enjoy the stories even more.
  • We be doing our very best to get (or keep) your children "hooked on reading" by recommending specific reading materials to each individual.
  • At each grade level, students will be learning research and computer skills specifically suited to their developmental needs.~
  • We have 2 book fairs scheduled this year – November, just before our Thanksgiving break, and in May, just before we leave for summer break.
  • If you would like to volunteer to help in the library, please let me know. We'd love to have you.
Your librarian, Dave Markwood

Welcome to the Lowry Elementary Media Center (LMC).
We love visitors so feel free to look around our site.


As the focal point for Lowry Elementary's learning environment, our mission is to enhance, facilitate and enrich the curriculum, and to provide a central resource for both electronic and print reference sources for teachers and students. The media center will provide an inviting, attractive and accessible place to promote life-long reading and learning habits.


Four rules for action:

Respect Yourself, Respect Others, & Respect Property (Other people’s stuff!)
Please be quiet! The Media Center is a classroom and different classes study here all day!


We provide a fixed schedule, which allows Lowry students to visit the media center as whole classroom groups. Students may check out a maximum of four books at a time. Books are checked out for a period of 2 weeks and may be renewed, if necessary.  We encourage students to return books whenever they are finished reading them and not to wait until all of their books have been read. This gives everyone an opportunity to read a greater variety of books.

Unlike middle school, fines are not charged for overdue books.  Students are expected to be fair to other students by bringing books back on time.  Children with overdue books must be return them before being able to check out more books.

Overdue notices are sent to teachers every month.  If a student loses a book or damages one beyond repair, they will be asked to pay $15.00 for replacement.  This amount is based on the price to replace a book, not on the condition of the book being replaced. Lost or damaged books must be paid for before any other materials may be borrowed from the media center.

Parents do not buy replacement books.
Lowry must buy all replacement books through Hillsborough County's authorized school book vendors.

Families, please help your children keep track of their books.  We would like everyone be able to use our media center as much as they can, so everyone please be responsible for your friends - your books.

Let's make this the best year yet at Lowry Elementary!

9:10 am - 1 pm..........Monday through Friday

Last Modified: Jun 10, 2015